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Helrunar / Nachtmahr - Split

by Helrunar

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Limited split EP with these two Black Metal bands

This EP containing one song each by Helrunar and Nachtmahr is strictly limited and released in a deluxe packaging. Helrunar are featured with the song 'Hauch wird Sturm'. In a way, this track is the introduction to their forthcoming album "Frostnacht". 'Hauch wird Sturm' concerns the awakening of memories. Repressed, negative recollections are violently forcing their way to the surface. To the Skald, this is the awakening of song. Others get lost in the torrent. The piece by Nachtmahr is called 'Trollnacht' and marks the beginning of a new chapter for this mysterious group - in terms of subject matter, but mainly music-wise.

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released May 29, 2005



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Helrunar Germany

Ever since their first release, the self-produced 2004 album "Grátr," Helrunar are the paragons of the reflected and spiritual side of Pagan Metal. Their music is influenced by the early works of bands such as Enslaved, Ulver, or Helheim, while the profound and ambiguous lyrics on their albums "Frostnacht" (2005) or "Baldr Ok Íss" (2008) raise a passionate storm against mindless materialism. ... more


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